What is a Casino Deposit Bonus?


What is a Casino Deposit Bonus?

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Golden Nugget Online Casino knows that getting started can be the hardest part of lots of tasks. A Casino Deposit Bonus is a reward for making a deposit bonus based on the offer you opted into. The deposit bonus can be awarded in one of our currencies, depending on the terms and conditions of the offer itself. 

Types of Rewards

The rewards from the deposit bonus offers can be awarded in Casino Credits, GN Dollars, or Crowns. If you would like to learn more about the rewards please visit here.

Types of Offers - Casino Deposit Bonuses

At Golden Nugget Online Casino, casino deposit bonuses will be available throughout the year, and depending on what you’re given, you have the opportunity to opt in to that deposit bonus and execute the rules of the deposit bonus. 

Bonus Funds

Golden Nugget Online Casino knows that getting started can be the hardest part of lots of tasks. Bonus Funds are extra boosts that make getting started with your online casino experience easy as the choice to split aces in a hand of Blackjack. Golden Nugget Online Casino offers casino bonus funds under promotions, in which a certain percent of your deposit will be credited to your account, but that extra percent is fully on the house. You can think of it like sprinkles Golden Nugget Online Casino provides on top of the ice cream you already got.

Instant Match

An Instant Casino Deposit Match is a promotional offer in which customers can participate where Golden Nugget Online Casino will match a percentage of their deposit in Casino Credits.

Instant Deposit Match offers require a 1x play-through of the original deposit and Casino Credits before the funds are eligible to be withdrawn. For complete eligibility requirements and offer details, please review the Terms and Conditions of the deposit match offer you have received.

Deposit and Play

A Deposit & Play Bonus matches up to a percentage of a player’s deposit in Casino Credits that are released during gameplay. As a player makes wagers on Golden Nugget Online Casino, once they hit the gameplay requirement, their account is automatically credited $1 in Casino Credits (depending on the terms of the offer) for each time they meet this gameplay requirement.

Players would be automatically credited until they have received the maximum bonus amount or the Promotional Period of the offer expires.

More Information Regarding Play-Through Requirements

For more information regarding Play-Through Requirements please visit this page here.

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