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Slots may be one of the simplest games in the casino, but they can also be the most exciting. With smooth graphics, fun sound effects, and many variations to choose from, slots are a great way to start a day at the casino. But the real fun in casino slots comes with the different strategies you can win—and with some slot games, you can win big.

How To Play Casino Slots With Golden Nugget Online Casino

When you walk into a casino, you have to wait for your favorite machine to be free before you get a chance to play. But with Golden Nugget Online Casino, the machines have unlimited seats—and you can play for free before betting a cent.

  1. Choose a slot game
  2. Find the minimum and maximum bet
  3. Check out the Return to Player (RTP)
  4. Select “Demo Play” for a free game, or sign in for a real-money game
  5. Open the instruction window
  6. Place your bet
  7. Spin the wheel
  8. Spin again

Other slot game elements

The game’s not over when you spin. Many games include additional gameplay elements for added excitement—and added winnings.

  • Scatter symbols: Also called “Trigger” symbols, these theme-specific pictures appear in paylines to give players extra prizes in a game.
  • Wild symbols: Wild symbols stand in for other symbols, making it easier to score big in less time.
  • Avalanche reels: If your game includes an avalanche feature, it may give you the chance to clear the spun symbols for new ones to enter. These games typically include symbols like multipliers for maximum rewards.
  • Bonus rounds: Games that include bonus rounds allow players to keep spinning for a higher payout and more prizes. Some bonus rounds involve different gameplay than slot games, making them a nice way to break up the action.
  • Free spins: Many games give players free spins for no additional bet as a prize for a winning payline or for additional wagers. Often, slot games offer free spins after a certain number of paid bets.

How Slot Machines Work

The goal of any slot game is to line up common symbols. Different symbol combinations result in different payouts. Some games put your whole bet on one spin, while others let you spin more than once to collect more symbols.

So how do slots work? Old-fashioned slot machines use cranks and wheels to line up symbols printed on reels. However, in online casinos, slot machines resemble video games. They use computer technology and random number generators (RNGs) to simulate an in-person slot machine.


Each slot machine game has a theme that makes playing more interesting—choose your favorite theme or select something new for a change of pace. Graphics, sounds, and symbols in these games connect to each theme. Popular themes include King Arthur and the Round Table, game shows, TV shows, and pirate ship adventures.


Payouts for slots vary, but generally, the larger the bet, the larger the payout. Some slots pay out with each spin, while others allow players to spin multiple times to gather the highest payout possible. You can check on the minimum and maximum payouts for each game on its information page before you begin playing.

Traditional Slots

When you think of a slot machine, you may think of the classic fruit machine, often referred to as “the one-armed bandit” because of its long lever and low odds of winning. Some online slots resemble this type of game, though most include additional gameplay for a more modern twist on a vintage experience.

Progressive Slots

Progressive slots have big jackpots that grow larger with every spin. Part of each bet adds to the jackpot, leading to a huge possible payout for those who stick with their favorite progressive slot game. Like most slot games, progressive slots reserve jackpot winnings for those who place maximum bets.

Buy-a-pay Slots

Buy-a-pay slot games start out simple and get more complex—and exciting—with every new bet. Players wager more money for more ways to win, increasing their odds of winning with every bet they place. Many Buy-a-play slots have small minimum bets that you can gradually increase with each spin.

Multiplier Slots

Why win once when you can multiply your payout? Multiplier symbols in slot games multiply winnings with each spin. Multiplier values range from twice the amount (more common) to a thousand times the amount (very rare). Games with multiplier symbols often have higher possibilities of paying out large prizes and even mega jackpots.

Multi-line Slots

Typical slot machines have just one payline for players to win, but in multi-line slots, players can win across several lines, and in some cases, diagonally. These slot machines have multiple reels—sometimes up to nine—and offer players multiple chances to bet on different results.

How To Win Online Slots

Winning online slots has a lot to do with luck and timing. So how do you win at casino slots if you can’t control much of the gameplay? It’s all about improving your odds, which is the goal for any casino game.

Choose the right game

Games with higher RTPs result in more wins, but typically have lower payouts. Balance your slot game with a high enough RTP that you have some success with a high enough payout to make your selection worth your time.

Know how the game works

Some slot games depend on the player knowing the ins and outs of the game. Study the pay table before playing so you know how each symbol works within your game. Practicing in demo mode lets you master the game before it’s time to bet real money.

Go for medium jackpots

Winning the big jackpot is the dream, but slots with huge jackpots tend to have lower and more infrequent payouts outside of the (rare) jackpot. If you want to play bigger than penny slots, go for jackpots between the lowest and highest payout amounts.

Invest your time wisely

Playing for a long time at the same game may be a good investment in progressive slots or other games that pay out bigger over multiple bets. But if you’re playing the same game with no or low payout, it may be time to switch your focus to another slot—the same way you would in a brick-and-mortar casino when one machine isn’t paying out.

Play the field

Golden Nugget Online Casino has too many slot options to settle for just one. Venture out from your favorite slot game and try a new one with different odds, rules, and rewards. Who knows—you may find your favorite game in free demo mode.

Play Online Slots Today

With so many ways to play and chances to win, slot games at Golden Nugget Online Casino are a great way to venture into playing casino games. Try a free game in any of the listed slot machine games, or enter a bid to win real money. Either way, the choice—and fun—is yours!

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