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Of all the variety games played in online casinos, there is no game with a more broad appeal than poker. It is often one of the first games card players learn when they’ve decided to graduate from simple card games and embrace competition.

Unlike some card games, playing video poker involves layers of choices, well-thought-out strategy, and reaction to your opposing players. Video poker is about the cards you hold and the positions you chase—the wagers you make and the timing of those wagers can have a direct and impactful effect on how the rest of the hand unfolds. Playing video poker jacks or better, playing video poker deuces wild, or playing multi-hand variations of video poker at Golden Nugget Online Casino all have the angles and strategy to challenge the strategic card player’s every move.

Getting started playing video poker at Golden Nugget Online Casino is simple: Learn about how video poker works, open an account, play some demo rounds to get familiar with all the game variations, and then move into real rounds with real money.

How does video poker work?

At its most fundamental level, video poker is typically played as jacks or better five-card draw. Jacks or better means that to win a payout, your hand must be at least a pair of jacks.

A five-card draw is a game played in two rounds. First, you will make an opening bet to be dealt in. The dealer will then give you five cards. Based on the cards you’ve received, you’ll decide what to discard. For example, if you already have two pair, you may decide to only discard one and try for a full house. If you only have one face card and nothing else, you may decide to discard three or four and hope for a better draw. Following this discard, you’ll receive a second round of cards equal in number to the cards you discarded.

Once you have received your final cards, your payout will be determined based on this hand. Any hand that is a pair of queens or better will offer you a profitable payout.

Hands and rankings in video poker

In video poker, your payout is determined by the strength of your final hand. As you choose which cards to discard (and how many), learning each of these hand rankings can help you to determine your strategy.

Order of Jacks or Better poker hand rankings from weakest to strongest:

  • Pair of Jacks (or better).
  • Two Pair (two pairs of the same card).
  • Three of a Kind (three of the same card).
  • Straight (five cards in sequence, multiple suits).
  • Flush (all five cards have the same suit).
  • Full House (a three of a kind and a pair).
  • Four of a Kind (four of the same number or face card).
  • Straight Flush (five cards in sequence, all the same suit).
  • Royal Flush (10 through Ace, all in one suit).

Each stronger hand delivers a better payout working your way up to the royal flush. Payouts will vary depending on your game mode and variation, so be sure to read the information on your chosen video poker carefully.

Deuces Wild Video Poker

Another popular variation of video poker is deuces wild. The game format follows the same structure as five-card draw—wager, receive five cards, discard, receive replacement cards, and assemble your final hand for payout. However, in deuces wild, this means that all two cards are considered “wild”, so they can be used to substitute for any other card in the deck.

For example, you have three kings, a two, and a three. In a typical five-card draw, this would be three of a kind. In deuces wild, this is four of a kind as the two can be substituted for a king. In this version, assembling winning hands is easier—which also means that the payouts for winning hands are slightly decreased compared to variations without wild cards.

How to Excel at Video Poker

Improving your skills at video poker begins with conscientious and clear-minded play. In addition to setting clear bankroll and time limits for yourself, developing experiences that lead to winning hands comes from learning the strategy of your chosen variation.

As you begin, limit yourself to playing only one or two variations. Spreading yourself across every video poker variation offered won’t help you to focus and learn consistent strategies that lead to winning hands.

Learn the hand rankings. It is incredibly difficult to know what you could assemble after your discards if you don’t know the options that are available to you. These hand rankings are consistent across all game variations, so learning them will help you to choose discards wisely.

Stick to basic game modes first. While a game mode in which you manage multiple hands at once might seem interesting, beginners may want to stay with basic jacks or better game modes. Focusing on one hand at a time will help you to develop the strategies that make your play more consistent.

Benefits of Playing Online vs. In person

Visiting an in-person casino can require travel and hotel accommodations. Then, there is finding a seat at the table, dealing with crowds and noise, and managing your concentration. With Golden Nugget Online Casino, you have the freedom to play from where you can concentrate best—from your couch, a favorite park bench, or the local coffee shop.

At this online casino, there are unlimited seats, and you don’t have to deal with the intimidation of finding a spot at a crowded table. You can settle in and play from where you can concentrate best. And with that concentration, you’ll learn and develop the experience to consistently put together strong poker hands. Get into the action today— play video poker at Golden Nugget Casino!

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